Far North Coast All Game Club Inc.

Supporting Australia's Game fowl Enthusiasts for over 40 years

" Come meet the top of the State"

The Far North Coast All Game Club Incorporated has for over forty years been providing game fowl enthusiasts, breeders and fanciers with an opportunity to share strong fellowship with many of Australia's leading breeders and exhibitors.  Our annual show has often been referred to as an rare opportunity to benchmark with strong classes numbers and consistently high quality exhibits. 

As the pressures of keeping of majestic game fowls increases with urban encroachment and a changing society, so the club has taken this opportunity to extend our welcome to the world wide web and provide an opportunity to keep in touch and share ideas and knowledge.

While this site is in its infancy, it is hoped that in time we can present information and images of our various game breeds and varieties to assist and encourage new fanciers and highlight to others the true beauty of game fowls.  Additionally for site visitors, both overseas and around Australia, we hope to provide and opportunity for viewing the type and quality of fowls to be found at our annual show and maybe encourage you to visit and share some time with our members at future shows.

So please enjoy what we have to offer in a spirit of fellowship and over time we hope to build a site which will capture and support greater interest and understanding of the keeping and exhibiting of  game fowls.

Please check out our advertisement from in your favourite poultry fancy read or the attached document for details of our upcoming GOLDEN JUBILEE SHOW on 13 July 2014 show and photos of winning birds from previous shows.  Don't forget our unique book offer.



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